World Earth Day Cape Verde

World Earth Day in Cape Verde was observed on the island of Maio. A team of volunteers got together on World Earth Day 2023 (Saturday 22 April) to start a clean up of the valley that runs down to the Cadjetinha (Kadjetinha) Beach. The team comprised people from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, the Maio City Council (Câmara) together with residents of Stella Maris and the local area. It is understood that there is more to do, but this was an excellent start.

This valley had become a place where rubbish had been dumped over a number of years. This initiative to clean up the valley is to be warmly welcomed. Rubbish in an area like this not only becomes an eyesore, but it can also end up in the ocean.

Most of the plastic that ends up in our oceans comes from the land, either through the dumping of litter, industrial sources, sewer outfalls, and illegal dumping or fly-tipping.  It is reported that at least 14m tonnes of plastic enter the oceans annually. This, together with other items such as fishing nets cause untold harm to marine life.

World Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and is held annually. The aim is to ensure that environmental issues are promoted. It started because of the increasing concerns over pollution and biodiversity.

[26 April 2023]