World Bank grant for covid vaccine

In order to improve and support the vaccination programme, the World Bank has allocated US$10 million (€8.4 million) for Cape Verde. This grant is made through the International Development Association. The money will assist the Cape Verdean government in its target of getting at least 70% of the adult population vaccinated by the end of 2021. Currently approximately 25% of the adults have received the vaccine. This money is in addition to US$5 million that was granted to the country in February, enabling them to purchase 200,000 vaccine doses.

The government has not found it easy to secure vaccine, because of a lack of availability. The need to get tourism re-started is critical for this small country, because tourism accounts for such a large amount of the Gross Domestic Produce (GDP). The country has suffered considerably during the past 18 months, because of the reduction in tourists. As we reported previously, the Government is speeding up the distribution of the vaccine on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista. This in order to boost the tourism on those islands.

The World Bank is one of the biggest sauces of finance for developing countries. The support it has given the Cape Verde Covid-19 Emergency Response Project now amounts to some US$20.94 million (€17.6 million).

[16 July 2021]