Tui flights to Cape Verde

The uncertainty of international travel continues. The only direct flights to Cape Verde from much of Europe have historically been with TUI. Whilst some countries, such as Germany, currently have a more relaxed stance on travel, others such as the UK still have Cape Verde on their red list. Travel to Cape Verde from Germany is currently possible, but there are still no direct flights. There are currently a few TUI flights to Sal from Poland and Luxair is also flying to Sal from Luxembourg. However, that is all.

The large scale restarting of TUI flights appears to be key to the recovery of tourism in Cape Verde. Whilst TUI have been regularly indicating that the recommencement of flights from the UK to Sal was imminent, further delays have been announced. As of now the flights from the UK to Sal or Boa Vista have been cancelled until at least 25 September. On past experience, however, we have to expect that there might be further delays.

Customers who had booked with TUI will be contacted and given the option of either a full refund or changing to a later date. This is sad news as Cape Verde so desperately needs tourists to return. It is still possible to travel to the country via Lisbon, but until countries such as the UK move Cape Verde from the red list to green, direct flights are unlikely to start up again. In countries such as Germany, people need to have confidence to travel. Sadly tourism will not recover quickly.

[02 September 2021]