UNESCO-Aschberg for Cabo Verde

Cape Verde, together with The Gambia have been selected to receive support under the UNESCO-Aschberg programme. The UNESCO-Aschberg programme was started in 2020. The aims are to economically protect artists, encourage good employment and the distribution of cultural goods and services. Consequently, Cape Verde will now receive technical and monetary support to the cultural and artistic sectors. Specifically it will strengthen the rights of creatives.

Projects are currently being considered that will run until at least 2023. Cape Verde recently ratified the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. The priority for Cape Verde will be to improve working conditions and guarantee access to health insurance, fair taxation and pension systems and access to social security.

Cape Verde has an established cultural and artistic community. Much of this is centred on the island of São Vicente. On that island there are a number of artists, musicians and writers. However, music and dance is a big feature of Cape Verdean life and this is evident on all of the islands.

[22 April 2022]