ribeira da prata santiago

On the black sand beach of Ribeira da Prata volunteers have now seen the results of their hard work over the last few months. They witnessed some 500 baby turtles reach the sea. Having preserved a turtle nest for some 45 days the joy of seeing these lovely little creatures return to the sea was very rewarding.

This beach, near Tarrafal has a particularly high spawning rate for the island of Santiago. It is also a beach that is a little less easy to access than some, and so the protection of nests is easier there. More than 50 volunteers were involved, including students who lodged with local families.

Cape Verde is blessed with being a home to turtles. In 2020, the country became the second most important sea turtle nest location. Government data indicated that there were in excess of 200,000 nests within Cape Verde. Most people will associate the turtle nests with the sand dunes on Boa Vista, Maio and Sal. Turtle success like this is helping to preserve these lovely creatures which were once hunted and sadly still are occasionally.

[14 October 2021]