Tourist Tax has been payable in Cape Verde since 2013. It is a tax on every tourist over the age of 16. The rate has been 220 CVE (€2) per person per night for a maximum of 10 nights since it was introduced. It is a compulsory tax that all accommodation  establishments (hotels, guest houses, and self-catering etc) are required to collect. In 2019, it raised €8.9m for the government. In the past couple of years the amounts raised have dropped significantly because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Cape Verde government announced a while ago that an increase would be introduced. That increase will come into effect in January 2023. The rate will then increase by 25% to 276 CVE (€2.50). It is anticipated that this will achieve an income for the government of approximately €8.6m during 2023. The Tourist Tax revenue is used to fund projects that are designed to reduce poverty in the country. It is expected that the island of Sal will be the main beneficiary of the funds, because it is the island which receives the largest number of tourists.

[18 Nov 2022]