Flights increase

‘Tourism starts to take off!’ It’s great news that Cape Verde travel possibilities are increasing.

TUI flights from Germany have now started; Luxair are flying weekly between Luxembourg and Sal; TUI are planning to fly from the Netherlands to Boa Vista and Sal from 15 October; and the Swiss airline Edelweiss is also advertising flights from Zurich to Sal in November. TAP continues to fly from Lisbon and Porto and Azores Airlines between Boston USA, Ponta Delgada and Praia. This all adds to the optimism that tourism will start to increase again over the winter period.

Now that there are more international flights, we have taken this opportunity to revise our international travel pages to reflect this improving situation. As more flights become available, we will add them on those pages. Over the past 18 months or so, we have been checking flights on a daily basis and updating a special ‘Covid-19’ note on the travel pages. That was seen as a temporary arrangement until the time arrived when we could return to the normal format with a measure of confidence. Although there are still fewer flights than before the pandemic, we feel that time has come. So, changing the pages and omitting the ‘Covid-19’ note we feel is symbolic of things starting to return to normal. We will also be continuing to update our domestic travel page as and when we have new information.

Whilst there is still a hesitancy on the part of some people when it comes to international travel, Cape Verde remains a beautiful country to visit. The vaccine roll out has been successful with over 70% of the adult population having received the first dose and with a target of 80% by the end of October. The people of Cape Verde have suffered enormously without the tourists. Tourism is a major factor in the country’s economy and as a result companies have closed and people have lost their employment. We believe that after a terrible 18 months, there is cause for hope as we rediscover travel and fly again. Please spread the word and encourage your friends to visit this lovely country.

[25 September 2021]