The Ocean Race in Mindelo

The Ocean Race, which is a round-the-world sailing race, starts in Alicante on 15 January. This time the race will call at Mindelo on the island of São Vicente. It arrives in Mindelo on 20 January and the boats will stay there for five days.

Cape Verde is a stopover for the first time in this the 14th race. The Prime Minister of Cape Verde is enthusiastic about this and hopes that Mindelo will benefit hugely from this event. Mindelo looks forward to welcoming visitors from around the world, the sailors and the international press. In addition two cruise ships are expected in Mindelo with approximately 3000 tourists. An Ocean Race Village is being constructed in order to house the race staff.

This race will end in Italy in July. The race will cover some 32,000 nautical miles (approximately 60,000km) during the six months of the race. When the boats leave Mindelo they will head for Cape Town in South Africa. After that they will stop at Itajaí in Brazil, Newport in the USA, Aarhus in Denmark, The Hague and finally Genoa in Italy.

[28 Oct 2022]