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TACV now known as Cabo Verde Airlines

TACV, the Cape Verde national airline, following recent rebranding, is now known as Cabo Verde Airlines. In addition the airline is planning to partner with TAAG, the Angolan national airline. TAAG abandoned flights between Luanda and Praia in 2016, because it was not considered to be a profitable route. The new agreement between the two airlines is planned to lead to a reinstatement of this route. In addition, the TACV current management agreement with Loftleidir Icelandic will cease in August of this year.

This rebranding is hoped to make for a stronger identity with the Cape Verde. This is part of the company’s restructuring.

Cabo Verde Airlines also hopes to add a new route between Cape Verde and Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. It also plans to strengthen its connectivity with Recife, Fortaleza, Milan, Paris and Lisbon. Cape Verde travel is gradually improving.

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Binter CV taking over internal flights from TACV

It has been announced by the Cape Verde Economy Minster, José Gonçalves that on 1 August 2017 TACV, the Cape Verdean national airline, will cease to operate domestic flights within Cape Verde; Binter CV will be flying between all internal airports from mid-June. The Cape Verdean government has bought a 49% share in Binter CV, and these shares will eventually be available for sale.

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What is the future for the TACV airline?

It has been reported that the Cape Verde government will cease to subsidise TACV the country’s airline. TACV reported losses of €35m in 2015 and €17m in 2016. The Cape Verde parliament is also being requested to approve a re-structuring plan for the airline. The re-structuring plan seeks to increase the market value of the company. TACV is no longer the only airline operating within Cape Verde, now that Binter CV has commenced internal flights, which within the next month will include all the islands with airports.

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Extra flights between Praia and Maio in the New Year

TACV, the Cape Verdean airline is now advertising Wednesday flights between Praia and Maio starting on 11 January. This will be a very welcome addition to the flight schedules, as currently there are only flights on this route on Mondays and Fridays, which limits the possibilities for visitors and residents.

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Increased luggage allowance for TACV

Clearly competition for domestic Cape Verde flights from Binter CV has prompted an increase in the weight allowance for checked in luggage on domestic flights by TACV. TACV now allows 20kg., inline with Binter CV. As Binter CV are currently only flying between Praia, São Vicente and Sal, this increased allowance is good news for visitors to the other Cape Verde islands.