kite and sun on sal

Kite surfing on Sal island

The island of Sal is well known for kite surfing. One beach on the east of the island has been renamed Kite Beach. If staying in Santa Maria it is a nice trip by quad bike. The wind for kite surfing is best over the winter months and the weather is lovely at that time.

kite surfing sal

Kite surfing on Sal Island

As we enter the windy season in Cape Verde, the attraction of these lovely islands increases for the lovers of kite surfing. Kite beach on Sal island is a mecca for kite surfers. This beach has even been renamed because of its popularity for this sport. The wind conditions here are perfect. There is a cafe/bar and instruction and equipment hire is possible. If you are interested in this sport, why not try Cape Verde, excellent conditions with lovely warm weather and beaches to relax on as well as participating in water sports.