Brava coast at Faja d'Agua

Brava Coast at Faja d’Agua

coast of Brava island

Coastline on the island of Brava

The greenest of the Cape Verde islands and the smallest of the inhabited islands is Brava. The coastline is rugged and attractive. The island’s micro-climate results in an abundance of trees and vegetation and includes almonds, coconut and date palms and oleander.



brava coast

Photo of the week – Coast of Brava Island

The island of Brava, as well as being the smallest of the inhabited islands that make up the Cape Verde archipelago, is also the greenest. The clouds form over the mountain (Monte Fontainhas) for the entire year. The results are a variety of flora including almond trees, palm trees and oleander. Although a lovely island to visit if you like plants, the coastline is also very attractive, with dramatic rocks and attractive bays.




santo antao coastline

Photo of the week – Santo Antão coast

The island of Santo Antão is mountainous, and is popular for walking and hiking. However, the coastline is also very attractive and perhaps does not feature in publicity as much as it should. Attractive villages, small harbours and rocky outcrops are some of the features.

sao vicente ferry to santo antao

Photo of the week – Coast of São Vicente

This picture was taken early morning from the ferry from São Vicente to Santo Antão. The coastline of São Vicente is dramatic with a mixture of beaches and cliffs, together with small islets off the coast. The ferry leaves from the port of Mindelo and takes about an hour to Port Novo.