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Tourism in Cape Verde continues to increase

Once again figures for tourism in Cape Verde have shown an increase for the first half of 2018. During the period from January to June there were 383,500 guests recorded in hotels and more than 2.2m overnight stays. The figures represent an increase of about 10% compared with the same period in 2017.

Within those figures it was confirmed that visitors from the United Kingdom formed the majority representing over 25% of the total visitors. Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands being the next largest in that order. Not only were the highest proportion of visitors from the UK, but they also tended to stay in he country the longest.

Of all the Cape Verde islands, Sal continued to be the most popular island, with Boa Vista second and Santiago coming third. This is perhaps not surprising given that these are the easiest islands to get to from Europe. It is however, a shame that visitors don’t aim to be a little more adventurous and explore some of the other islands, which are all so different in character.

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Increased tourism in Cape Verde

British holidaymakers have been behind an increase in tourism figures in Cape Verde. Visitor numbers have increased by some 13.6% and British visitors account for over 20% of visitors to the country. German guests amounted to over 11% and visitors from Portugal and France make up just over 10% each. Statistics show that on average UK visitors stayed on the islands longer, with an average of nine nights. The most popular island for visitors was Sal followed by Boa Vista; perhaps not surprising given that there are direct flights from the UK to both these islands.

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Increased tourism to Cape Verde

In the first half of 2016 the numbers of visitors to the archipelago increased by some 15.9% according to Cape Verde government statistics. This means that there were over 320,000 visits in six months and that represented over 2 million nights spent in Cape Verde. UK visitors represented the largest proportion of visitors at almost 23%, with Portugal, Germany and France following behind. Sal island received the greatest number of visitors.