cabo verde airlines

Cabo Verde Airlines’ recent problems

Cabo Verde Airlines’ recent problems has resulted in having to cancel some 52 flights since 2 July. The company explained that this was due to a shortage of planes. It is hoped that this situation will be resolved shortly, following the acquisition on lease of two new planes.

Icelandair managed the company until recently, in preparation for privatisation. That arrangement has now come to an end. The government of Cape Verde now hopes to be able to initiate the privatisation process shortly. The irregularity of flights brought about by the shortage of planes has resulted in permission for Cabo Verde Airlines to operate in Italy to be revoked. Consequently flights into and out of Rome’s Fiumicino Airport have been suspended. Passengers inconvenienced by the flight cancellations will continue to be protected until the full schedule is resumed.

Cabo Verde Airlines only operates international flights, following Binter CV taking over the internal Cape Verde routes. Cabo Verde Airlines was formerly known as TACV (Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde). The company rebranded earlier in 2018, in order to more closely identify it with the country in which it is based.

cabo verde airlines

TACV now known as Cabo Verde Airlines

TACV, the Cape Verde national airline, following recent rebranding, is now known as Cabo Verde Airlines. In addition the airline is planning to partner with TAAG, the Angolan national airline. TAAG abandoned flights between Luanda and Praia in 2016, because it was not considered to be a profitable route. The new agreement between the two airlines is planned to lead to a reinstatement of this route. In addition, the TACV current management agreement with Loftleidir Icelandic will cease in August of this year.

This rebranding is hoped to make for a stronger identity with the Cape Verde. This is part of the company’s restructuring.

Cabo Verde Airlines also hopes to add a new route between Cape Verde and Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. It also plans to strengthen its connectivity with Recife, Fortaleza, Milan, Paris and Lisbon. Cape Verde travel is gradually improving.