Rugged coastline of Brava, Cape Verde

Rugged coastline of the island of Brava

The eastern islands of Cape Verde are relatively flat with long stretches of beautiful soft sandy beaches. The western islands, however, are more mountainous and with a more rugged coastline. So whatever your preference, there is something for you in Cape Verde. This picture was taken on the island of Brava, which is sometimes known as the Garden Island. There is often cloud over the mountain, which means there is a little more rain here than on some of the other islands. Consequently, plants grow well and the gardens are attractive.

Sunset over Brava from Fogo

Sunset over Brava island

This picture was taken on the island of Fogo, and shows the sunset over Brava, the neighbouring island. Both Fogo and Brava are well worth a visit. On Fogo, there is the fascinating caldera, which has a landscape that could be on some remote planet. Brava has a lovely coastline especially at Faja d’Agua. It is easy to travel between the two islands using the regular ferry service. Fogo is a 30 minute flight from Praia, the capital of Cape Verde.

flower on brava

Lovely flowers on the island of Brava

Flowers and plants are in abundance on the island of Brava. This plant was photographed in Nova Sintra, the pretty main town on the island. Here visitors will find many attractive gardens and parks. The island also has a very attractive, rugged coastline and a mountainous terrain. Brava is often known as the Garden Island.

nova sintra square brava

Main square in Nova Sintra on Brava

Nova Sintra is the main town on the island of Brava. The town is about 750m above sea level and is reached by a hairpin road from the port below. The town is very attractive and the houses are neat and tidy and the gardens well tended. This picture was taken in the main square and shows the colonial nature of some of the buildings. The square is attractively laid out and landscaped. Brava is known as the garden island and it is not difficult to see why it has acquired this description.

Fogo from Brava

Looking to Fogo from Brava

The two islands of Brava and Fogo are quite close together. To get to Brava (known as the garden island) you need to fly to Fogo and then take the ferry. There is no airport on Brava. The main town on Brava is Nova Sintra, which is one of the most attractive towns in Cape Verde. The micro climate on the island makes it ideal for flora. The gardens are lovely with an abundance of lovely plants and flowers. One of the main attractions on Brava is Faja d’Agua. This is a tiny village nestling by the sea and only reached by a mountain road.

Rough seas on Brava

This picture was taken at Faja d’Agua on the northwest of Brava when the seas were usually rough. The spectacular waves in this lovely bay (often referred to as the most beautiful bay in Cape Verde) were mesmerising. Brava is a lovely island with lots of vegetation and a most attractive main town of Nova Sintra. The island is the most south-westerly in the Cape Verde archipelago and is known as the island of flowers, partly because of the gardens in Nova Sintra. The little village of Faja d’Agua developed during the 18th and 19th Centuries, when whaling ships from America landed here.