Praia Gonçalo, Maio

On 1 October 2020, we reported on The Future for Maio and that investment was planned for the island. The reports at that time mentioned that the Spanish investment of around 550m Euros would include an international airport, private hospital, tourist resort and international college.

More recently further information has been published and it now appears that this investment will include a theatre, museums, casino, shops, and a congress/exhibition and business centre. The project is to be managed by a new company entitled ‘Little Africa Services’ (LAS).

Clearly the scheme will provide significant employment opportunities on this small island. Maio has recently been given UNESCO Biosphere status, and so it has to be hoped that this development will be a sustainable one and will not destroy the fragile biodiversity on the island. One of the charms and attractions of Maio is that it is quiet and undeveloped, extreme care will be needed to ensure that these characteristics are not lost.

It is expected that work will commence in the next few months and that that first phase will be completed within about three years.