More ferries for CV Interilhas

The Minister for the Sea, Abraão Vicente, has announced that there is a search underway to purchase new ships. The aim is to buy three or four more ferries to strengthen the inter-island services. The reason behind this search is to try to ensure that Brava is always connected to Fogo and Santiago; and also that Maio has a daily service from Santiago. In addition, two of the existing fleet (the ships Kriola and Liberdade) will be taken into port for maintenance.

The government of Cape Verde has recognised that there is a deficiency in the maritime service between the islands. The Minister also stated that the Government would sign a new contract with Cabo Verde Interilhas. This new contract would bring about a new operating system that recognises a minimum level of service. This will hopefully provide a better service, especially with more ferries.

[24 Mar 2023]