Maio salt centre

The new Salt Interpretation Centre in Vila do Maio (Porto Inglês) on the island of Maio will open on Saturday 7 December 2019.

The project is part of the tourism promotion scheme on the island (Projeto de Dinamização e Requalificação Turística na Ilha do Maio). This has been funded by money from the European Union and Camões I.P. Camões I.P. is a Portuguese institution promoting worldwide the Portuguese language, Portuguese culture, and international aid. It works on behalf of the Government of Portugal.

This new facility will enhance the cultural development of the island. The history and culture of Maio island will be explained with special reference to the salt flats (salinas) together with the trade in salt. Included in the project is a bird observation post and walking routes. The aim is to promote the nature tourism on the island, encouraging people to appreciate the features of the landscape together with the wildlife of the salinas. The new Salt Interpretation Centre will be of interest to visitors to the island.