Recycling waste into butterflies

We have, from time to time, referred to creative projects to turn waste materials into something beautiful and/or useful. This winter there was a Christmas Tree made out of plastic bottles in Santa Maria on Sal island. On São Vicente we reported on an enterprise turning the pieces of fishing net washed up on the beach into bracelets and bags. Now, in Santa Maria, CodeCV is recycling waste materials such as plastic bottles and left-over fabrics and creating beautiful butterflies.

CodeCV sees this as not only as an arts project, but also an example of recycling and re-using waste and redundant materials. This project brings to residents and visitors the possibilities of using waste products for something beautiful. Sustainability and ecological matters are important to a small country like Cape Verde. The country has few natural resources and so making the best use of what they have is important. There is a national commitment to increasing reliance on alternative energy sources, such as sun and wind. Also, the importance of not wasting anything is a natural instinct in a country where incomes are low.

[17 Apr 2024]