Green Santiago after the rain in Cape Verde

There has been rain in Cape Verde. On some islands this has been exceptionally heavy. This picture was taken on Santiago and the result of the rain is a landscape much more like that of northern Europe. Very few visitors to Cape Verde will have seen the hills quite so green. It’s wonderful how quickly the grass revives after some rain. This is be very welcome by farmers. We are grateful to Patti Anahory for this picture.

Praia after heavy rain

By contrast in Praia, the capital city, the rain has had less welcome effects. Torrents of muddy water in the streets and cars partially submerged. This picture (from the internet) shows how the infrastructure is unable to cope when there is unusually heavy rain. This must be difficult for a city that is trying to cope with Covid-19 and now has to clear up the mess caused by the rain. Rain on this scale is extremely unusual in Cape Verde.