President of Cape Verde

In a recent visit to the island of Maio, the President of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, said that he was satisfied with progress on the construction of the new port facility. He confirmed that from the details he had been given the work was proceeding at a good speed. It is hoped that the works will be completed within 18 months. It is expected that the new port facilities will facilitate greater movement of passengers and cargo. The President felt that this would be a big improvement for the island. The possibility will exist for visitors to Maio to bring their cars with them.

In addition to the port, the President visited other projects including the Maio municipal stadium. He considered that the various projects on the island, such as planned investments in tourism, sanitation systems and the new port will improve life for the people of Maio. It will also encourage more visits from other Cape Verdeans. It seems that the President of Cape Verde is interested in Maio and its development.