Online booking for BestFly

Online booking is coming back for internal flights. A few days ago, TICV again started to operate the internal flights under the brand of BestFly. TICV had not operated flights in Cape Verde since 17 May 2021. BestFly were engaged in May 2021 on an emergency 6 month contract following the cessation of TICV flights. The BestFly group has supplied two aircraft for the Cape Verde operation. These new arrangements started on 26 October with nine flights connecting Santiago (Praia), São Vicente, Sal, Maio and Boa Vista, and carried a total of 417 passengers. TICV did, of course already have the necessary certification as required by the aviation authorities.

Part of the announcement was that online ticket sales would be commenced again within a few days – starting on Sunday 7 November. This will make life a lot easier for visitors and residents alike. The online booking will be possible through Bestfly.

[04 Nov 2021]