Praia Estoril Boa Vista

Proposals to build a new resort on the island of Boa Vista have been announced. The new hotel will provide 72 rooms and create over 50 jobs, at an estimated cost of more than €5.5m. The new resort, Água Luxury Resort, will occupy an area of some 7,140m2 and will include a bar, restaurants, gym, pools and a theatre. The resort is backed by Italians and represents confidence that tourism will recover and return to pre-Covid levels, and maybe more.

Cape verde lost some 600,000 visitors during 2020 because of the pandemic. This is a reduction of over 70% from 2019, when there were 819,000 tourists. Other investment in tourism has been evident since the pandemic took hold in March 2020. These include a new Radisson hotel planned for Praia (Santiago island), the Mélia Lusofonia and two 5-star Marriot hotels. It is hoped that this demonstrates a bright future for Cape Verde as a destination.