mindelo floating music hub

In October 2020, we reported on the construction of a floating music hub in Mindelo, on the island of São Vicente. The project is now completed and it recently opened to the public. It was designed by Nigerian born architect, Kunlé Adeyemi. He has offices in both Lagos and Amsterdam. This facility has been one of the most anticipated cultural projects in West Africa.

Cape Verde is a musical country. Music and dancing are important to Cape Verdeans. This cultural heritage is probably most clearly seen in Mindelo. The addition of this floating music hub is a great addition to the country’s music scene. It comprises four elements – three spaces of varying size joined by a central piazza, which then connects to the land. It can accommodate approximately 300 people and includes a performance area, a bar, cafe and a recording studio. The building is constructed of hardwood, aluminium and stainless steel. It now provides a place to hold music festivals, private events and to welcome visitors. It is hoped that it will attract artists from around the world, to record and to perform.

[26 August 2021]