Carnival in Cape Verde

It has been announced that the Mindelo Carnival will take place once again next year. This is good news and indicates the great improvement in the control of the Covid pandemic. The Carnival will be held on 01 March 2022. The event is a highlight in the calendar for the people of São Vicente and is important to the island’s economy. Augusto Neves, the mayor said that everything would be done to make the carnival a success. ‘We are going to have a great carnival and we are counting on everyone’s support’ he said.

In order to make the event as safe as possible it was confirmed that they will ensure that all participants are properly vaccinated. This being a major factor in promoting the event. In addition, hygiene measures would be in place as required by the ministry of health.

[18 Nov 2021]

Please see this update.

[19 Jan 2022]