Pier in Santa Maria, Sal

Tomorrow (Saturday 6 July) volunteers will embark on a campaign to clean the seabed off the main beach in Santa Maria on Sal island. This initiative is being developed along with similar operations in Spain, Columbia and Brazil – 30 locations in total. The Marine Watch Network is behind this venture, using the services of volunteer divers. The aim being to remove rubbish from the seabed. This is the first time Cape Verde has participated in this event. In Spain it is being carried out for the third time.

The Santa Maria beach is a beautiful beach and popular with visitors. The area of the beach that the initiative will concentrate on is around Pontão. This area is well used and there is thought to be a lot of rubbish in the sea in this area. About 60 people are expected to take part, not just divers, but also including support staff.

The Biodiversity Project is organising this event in Santa Maria, with the support of the Câmara (local authority), the Sal 2019 African Beach Games (recently held on the same beach) and some other local businesses.