A recent report on the progress of the new port on the island of Maio states that completion is expected soon. Abraão Vicente, the Minister of the Sea (Ministro do Mar) visited the island in April. He then made the announcement that he expected the port to be opened in July. This will make access to Maio very much easier. The new port will include two ramps to facilitate roll-on roll-off (Ro-Ro) ferries. Having two ramps will mean that two boats can be there at any one time. 

Mr Vicente anticipated that once the new port is operational the island could expect approximately 120,000 visitors a year. He also explained that the Government is looking into the possibility of starting a taxi service between Praia (on Santiago) and Maio. If that is implemented it could even provide a service twice a day.

The new port undoubtedly has the potential to significantly improve the sea connection between Praia and Maio. The present connections to the island are unreliable and the lack of daily flights or ferry make it difficult for residents and tourists. We will issue another Maio port update when the new facilities are opened.

[08 June 2022]