Brava island investment

Investment in Brava has been announced. A new resort and conference centre has been approved for construction by the Cape Verdean government. This development will be in Nova Sintra the capital of the island. It will be the only facility of this type on this lovely island and is expected to be completed in 2025. It is anticipated that it will create about 180 employment opportunities.

The Brava Resort and Conference Centre is intended to make the island a conference, nature and cultural destination. The specific emphasis being on the North American tourism market, especially the Cape Verdean diaspora.

The cost of the project is estimated at €32m and will be constructed in two stages. It will provide a tourist resort with 172 rooms and a total of 330 beds, and conference facilities. Some existing, derelict buildings will be renovated and converted in small tourist units. In addition the facility will also have a fleet of buses and jeeps and will invest in the Liberdadi ferry under a leasing arrangement. Other tourist facilities will include sailing boats, cycles and water sports equipment. In addition it will build a new ship capable of accommodating 400 passengers and 50 vehicles. This ship will then provide sea connections with some of the islands in the south of the country, such as Fogo, Maio and Santiago.