Internal travel Cape Verde

The arrangement of internal travel in Cape Verde changes from time to time. In 2019 CV Interilhas started operating the inter-island ferry service. The internal flights, just in the past few years, have been operated by TICV, Binter and now BestFly Cabo Verde. It has now been announced that another ferry company has introduced a new service between São Vicente and Santo Antão. This time it is a private company, Naviera Armas, and the ferry is called ‘Mar d’Canal’.

It would be good if the companies providing the inter island transport made it a lot easier for people to plan their holidays and book their journeys in advance. CV Interilhas only publish ferry schedules a month at a time. Now BestFly Cabo Verde have made it so that people can only book internal flights online with a Vinti4 card. This is a Cape Verde debit card. Tourists from outside of the country will not have this card and, consequently cannot book their internal flights online. Visitors wanting to use the ferries need to know that times of the route they want when they book their international flights and accommodation.

It would be of great benefit to the tourism industry in Cape Verde and to the country as a whole, if these internal travel problems were resolved. It needs to be much easier for tourists who don’t want to stay on the islands with an international airport. If you are trying to book internal flights let us know. We can put you in touch is a Cape Verdean travel agency that can book for you.

[31 Mar 2022]