Cape Verde internal flight cancellations

Last week, BestFly Cabo Verde announced internal flight cancellations until 07 May. This is a serious situation for the country and it needs to be remedied urgently. However, they also announced the arrival of a new aircraft.

It is no secret that transport between the islands is very unreliable and difficult for both residents and visitors alike. This has been the case for a long time. The president of Cape Verde, José Maria Neves has described it as chaotic. He said “As President of the Republic, I am extremely concerned about what has been happening in recent days and it is time for us to put an end to this chaos, under penalty of irretrievably harming the country … the severity of the situation that calls into question not only the national economy, but also the security itself. Transport has to do with territorial cohesion, with the competitiveness of the national economy, with the productivity of companies and with the mobility of people and goods”.

He has called for some emergency action to be taken straightaway in order to bring the current situation to a stop. He called on the government to act and to explain what they are going to do to resolve the situation. It seems that at the current time, ferry travel has become more reliable than flights. There is more information on the travel options on our domestic travel page.

[24 April 2024]