Santiago island, Cape Verde

Walking on Santiago

Cape Verde has the reputation as a destination for beach holidays. There are lovely beaches and so together with the good weather, that reputation is justified. However, there is a lot more to do in this little country than just lying on the beach. There are also mountains for people to enjoy and that offer great hiking opportunities.

Santiago has some majestic mountain scenery, lovely beaches and is also the administrative centre of Cape Verde. There are international flights into Santiago from Europe, the USA and Africa. The airport at Praia is not the busiest in the country. However, it is possible to use domestic flights from islands such as Sal and Boa Vista to fly to Praia, the capital.

Serra Malagueta

Our holiday team regularly check whether the holidays on offer are accurate and appropriate. In November 2022, we reported on a walking trip Hiking in Fogo. The second part of that trip was walking on the island of Santiago.

These trips mean that from time to time the team can check out the accommodation and activities that are on offer. This makes sure that what is offered to guests is of the right quality and up to date. It also provides the opportunity to discover new places to stay and new things to do. This means that when you book your holiday with our team you can be sure that what is arranged for you has been checked and tested.

So, here we continue on from Born of Fire, the article on the island of Fogo, to walking in the Serra Malagueta on the island of Santiago. Santiago is the largest of the Cape Verde islands and is where you find the capital city of Praia.

The Serra Malagueta is the mountain range north of Praia. The drive through this area is lovely. Twisty mountain roads and at the end of the journey is the lovely town of Tarrafal. However, here we concentrate on the mountains. There ‘re various places to stay, both in the Serra Malagueta and in Tarrafal.

So if you like a walking holiday, maybe Santiago is for you. The article below will hopefully encourage you to try this island.

Walking is one of many options for holidays in Cape Verde. Why not talk to our holiday team?