Quad biking in Cape Verde


Quad biking is a fun way to see more the island you are visiting. There are basically two types of bike available – a quad bike and a larger buggy. Not all companies can offer both types. It is possible to hire quad bikes for individual use or as part of a guided tour with other guests. The buggies are usually only hired out as part of a guided tour. Some companies also hire other equipment, such as scooters and segways.


The islands in the east of the country – Boa Vista, Maio and Sal are generally flatter and sandy and are therefore ideal for quad biking and buggy touring. The mountainous islands of Santo Antão, São Nicolau and Brava are not so suitable and the hire of quad bikes may be more difficult. It is usually possible to hire for a half day or a full day. On the island of Sal you can visit Kite Beach and Shark Bay easily with a half day rental. On the way to Kite Beach there is a quad bike track that is fun to use. On Boa Vista there is the Deserto de Viana to explore. It is possible to hire quad bikes on the island of Santiago to tour the old capital of Cidade Velha, but again, this is a more mountainous island and the terrain is less suitable for this kind of activity.

We work with No-limits Adventures on the island of Sal; and Quad Zone on the island of Boa Vista.


There are a few things that is important to remember when considering hiring a quad bike. On the sandy islands of Sal, Boa Vista and Maio, turtles nest in the sand dunes. You will find that there are some areas marked as ‘no go’ areas for quad bikes. Also, it’s important not to drive over scrubland and plants, because they already struggle to survive in the desert. It is very important to obey such notices, because the turtle nesting sites and the islands’ ecosystems could easily be destroyed. The second thing to remember is that it is a very dusty, dirty activity, so don’t wear smart clothes. Finally, you may also be required to show a driving licence, so make sure that you have that with you on your holiday if intend to hire a quad or a buggy.