Hiking on Fogo island, Cape Verde

Hiking in Fogo

Cape Verde is usually associated with beach holidays, and indeed there are some magnificent beaches. However, there is far more to do in this little country than just lying on the beach.

If you like hiking and visiting unusual scenery, then Fogo might be the island for you. Fogo means Fire in Portuguese. There are beaches, but a visit into the caldera (volcano crater) is one of the main attractions. There are attractive towns such as São Felipe (the main town) and Mosteiros; there are also forests, all of which contrast with the lunar landscape found within the caldera.

Fogo is one of the islands with an airport, so you can fly there from Praia (on Santiago), the capital city of Cape Verde. Alternatively there is a ferry from Praia. Whilst Fogo has a lot of attractions, it is also possible to visit neighbouring Brava by ferry from São Felipe.

There is also a variety of lovely places to stay. There is a choice of accommodation available in the Caldera itself, in São Filipe and on the hills above São Filipe.

Born of Fire

Our partners on the holiday team regularly check whether the holidays on offer are accurate and appropriate. This means that from time to time they visit the islands to check out the accommodation and activities. This makes sure that what is offered to guests is of the right quality and up to date. It also provides the opportunity to discover new places to stay and new things to do. This means that when you book your holiday with our team you can be sure that what is arranged for you has been checked and tested.

With that in mind two of our team Max and Stuart went walking on Fogo. The volcano on Fogo island is still active and last erupted in 2014. A trip to the caldera and Pico do Fogo (2829m) is an experience not to be missed. The guys both considered that this was the highlight of their trip. You can read their account of this trip below in Fogo: Born of Fire.

Walking on Fogo is not limited to the caldera. Fogo is an island of contrasts. The caldera is something like a lunar landscape, but the slopes up to the caldera are green. The use of a local guide is recommended because many of the trails are not well signposted. São Filipe and Mosteiros are attractive towns to wander around. In São Filipe you also get lovely views over to the island of Brava. One of the features of Fogo is that vines are grown in the caldera and wine is produced from the grapes. So wandering around the town offers a chance to sit and enjoy a glass of Fogo wine (red or white).

So why not consider a walking holiday on Fogo. The article below will hopefully whet your appetite. The story continues in Walking on Santiago.

Walking is one of many options for holidays in Cape Verde. Why not talk to our holiday team?