Fontainhas, Santo Antão

The precariously perched village of Fontainhas has been chosen by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), as part of an upgrade programme. The scheme is entitled an ‘Upgrade Program of the Best Tourist Villages in the World’. 136 applications were received and Fontainhas is one of 20 selected for the upgrade programme. The UNWTO initiative also considers the applicants’ commitment to environmental and sustainable issues. The award ceremony will be held in Saudi Arabia in February 2023.

Fontainhas is located on the island of Santo Antão, just 2km from Ponta do Sol on the north coast. This lovely little settlement has coloured houses situated on the edge of a cliff. The valley being several hundred meters below. The village enjoys lovely views out to the sea. In 2015 National Geographic magazine named it as the runner up in the ‘place with the best view in the world’. The village has long been a destination for visitors to Santo Antão.  The award from the UNWTO refers to the natural and cultural wealth of the village. It also highlights the possibility of Fontainhas being a unique example of a worldwide destination. The ferry to Santo Antão runs twice a day from Mindelo on the island of São Vicente.
[30 Dec 2022]