More ferry routes for Maio island

Until now the island of Maio has only had transport links with Praia on the island of Santiago. There have been ferry links and about three flights a week. The Cape Verde Government has been promising that Maio will not be left behind in future. It now seems that this promise is coming to fruition with additional ferry routes.

When the new services are fully operational these will be the new links: Maio, Fogo and Brava; Maio and Sal; Maio and Boa Vista; Maio and São Vicente; and Maio and São Nicolau. The ferry between Praia and Maio is retained. This will be a very significant improvement for Maio and will make it easier for island-hopping visitors to include Maio on their itinerary. Some of the ferry routes have already started operating and it is anticipated that the others will commence shortly. Not all routes operate every day, greater connectivity for Maio is welcomed. Ferry schedules and booking can be found on the Interilhas website. The ferry between Praia and Maio remains the shortest route.