Elaine Harris at clinic on Sal

Elaine Harris from Dundee in Scotland is currently on a mission to raise money to provide dental and eye care for deprived or vulnerable children on the island of Sal in Cape Verde. Elaine is 38 and a mother of two and a Top Model UK finalist. Her 10 day mission is to get as far from Dundee as possible without any money. She has already got through the UK to Dover, over the English Channel to Brussels and on to Germany. The next destination is hopefully Budapest.

The journey so far has been helped by donations from strangers, including travelling by tractor, motorbike, taxi, lorry, ferry and train. All journeys being donated free or paid for by generous donors. Elaine said ‘I believe in the good of people and basically I will be relying on others, the goodwill of companies and facebook to see how far I can get in 10 days in the summer. I will also have to hope that people feed me and give me a bed or couch.’

The clinic a ‘pop-up’ event and the next one is sure on 18 November and this is what Elaine is raising money for. Her target is to raise £3,000. This is being done by donations through the ‘Just Giving’ website. The cost of a dental appointment in Cape Verde (without any treatment) is €50, but the average wage is €200. Consequently, poorer families cannot afford such treatment. Her journey can be followed on The Cape Verde Dental And Optical Clinic Facebook page.