Earthquake recorder on Brava and Fogo

It is reported that an earthquake has been felt on the islands of Brava and Fogo. This was during the evening of Monday 30 October and there were three tremors between 8pm and about 9.15pm. It is understood that the intensity of this earthquake was greater in the vicinity of the village of Cantinho on the island of Brava. Some residents panicked and moved out onto the street because they afraid their houses might collapse. It is reported that some buildings now have cracks. One man in Cova Rodela was apparently taken to hospital when his ceiling collapsed on him. The first tremor was a magnitude of only about 3.0. The subsequent shakes we lower still.

The earthquake was also felt on the neighbouring island of Fogo, with the more intense tremor being around São Filipe. In February 2023 we reported on another earthquake that was felt on the island of Santo Antão.

We are pleased that so far as we know there have been no serious injuries. Cape Verde is classified as being a very low for risk for serious earthquakes. This means that it is considered that the chance of a damaging earthquake happening in the next 50 years is less than 2%. So Cape Verde is a safe place to visit, not only in respect of earthquakes, but also as a politically stable country with a good human rights and equality record.

[03 November 2023]