CV Connect with Azores Airlines

A new airline service between Lisbon and Praia has been launched. The service, known as CV Connect, starts tomorrow (2 December 2020). The service is being operated by SATA Azores Airlines and is a weekly service. This new service will introduce competition on this route and it is understood that TAP have already announced a promotion for their Lisbon-Praia service. The prices being quoted for the CV Connect are also attractive and will hopefully reduce prices on other airlines.

It is hoped that this new service and the competition it brings, will help to kick-start the Cape Verde tourist industry which has taken such an enormous hit during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Associação das Agências de Viagens e Turismo de Cabo Verde (Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies) has welcomed the new service. The association hopes that it will encourage more airlines to have Cape Verde as a destination.

It is also hoped that the introduction of this new service on 2 December will herald the re-start of travel to Cape Verde. There has been a massive reduction in flights into Cape Verde because of the pandemic. The return of these flights has proved very slow so far. For up to date information on travel to and from Cape Verde, see our international travel page