Covid vaccine update

As we reported previously, the Government of Cape Verde is very keen to help tourism pick up again. This is a covid vaccine update following that previous news. In order to underpin tourism, the Government has accelerated the Covid vaccination programme on the two main tourist islands – Sal and Boa Vista. The aim is to have 10,000 workers in the tourism industry vaccinated by August. On the island of Sal several vaccination centres have been set up around the island. On Boa Vista it has been necessary to increase the team of medical staff in order to vaccinate most of the population.

This programme is intended to make it possible for more flights to serve Cape Verde. It has been reported that three Portuguese tour companies are expected to be resuming operations in Cape Verde during August. Cape Verde is also preparing a digital record of vaccination, similar to the EU Green Certificate. This should make it easier for people to travel, once they are vaccinated.

This accelerated programme on the island of Sal is going well. More than 5000 people had been vaccinated within four days. The Director of Tourism, Francisco Martins urged all workers in the tourism sector and their families to be register for vaccination at the health centres on these two island. It is hoped that this measure will give airline companies and other Governments the confidence to facilitate travel to Cape Verde.

[08 July 2021]