In common with many countries, visitors to Cape Verde are required to have a negative Covid-19 RT PCR (polymerise chain reaction) test result achieved within 72 hours before travel. This result then needs to be provided in the form of a certificate for travel. Arriving without a negative test certificate will mean that you are not allowed to enter Cape Verde. Children under the age of seven are not required to have a test.

On arrival in Cape Verde you will also have your temperature taken. If your temperature is high you will be taken to another part of the airport. Your temperature will then be taken again.

If you then intend to travel between the islands you will need to complete a health surveillance form. You will also need another Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours before travel. That test can be done at a local health facility or clinic. That test will cost 1000$ (approx 9€).

We are updating information on domestic and international travel on a weekly basis. Always check with the airlines, however, as flights do not always follow the schedules.

Covid-19 PCR test – Travellers from the UK

The testing done by NHS testing stations in the UK is not valid for travel. The test needed for travel is undertaken by private organisations for a fee.

Some hotels near airports such as Heathrow can arrange the test for you. Always check the timescales, because you need the certificate before checking in. There are also a number of organisations that will undertake the test for you. Often they will send a test kit for you to use at home and then send back to them. We recommend that you decide which organisation to use and then contact them in good time. It may be difficult to get your results in time for your flight if yet is close to a public holiday, such as Christmas.

The UK government website has detailed information on the requirements for travel to Cape Verde.

Travellers from other countries

If you have any information about travel to Cape Verde from your home country, please government website us. We can then add that information to this post or elsewhere on the website.