2019 Carnival in Mindelo, Cape Verde

At the beginning of March 2019 celebrations took place throughout much of the world at the start of Lent. In the UK we mainly cook pancakes; in many other countries they party – whether they call it carnival or mardi gras. For Cape Verde it is a big celebration, with probably the most colourful being the Mindelo carnival on the island of São Vicente. Here the celebrations aren’t restricted to one day, but are spread over the course of about a week.

All of the islands celebrate and being in the country at the right time is an enjoyable experience as you get caught up in the party atmosphere. In 2020, Carnival will be on or around 25 February. Maybe this a good time to plan your holiday to this fascinating country, where the weather is always good. The Mindelo carnival is probably the largest, but it is not the only one worth visiting.