International travel to Cape Verde


Although some cruise lines call at Cape Verde, international travel is mostly by plane. There are four main airports in Cape Verde that are served by international flights. These are on the islands of Santiago, Sal, Boa Vista and São Vicente. The other islands are then reached using internal fights or ferry – see Domestic Travel.

All visitors to Cape Verde are required to complete a Registration process. In addition, visitors from some countries will need a Visa. For more information on registration and visas visit our visa page.

From 15 September 2022 the previous rules for travel during the covid pandemic have been relaxed in Cape Verde. Travellers to the country no longer have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test result. The wearing of face coverings on transport to Cape Verde is no longer a requirement. People leaving Cape Verde have to comply by the rules in the destination country.

Our partners can book all flights (international and domestic) together with accommodation to create a full holiday package.

Cape Verde’s Four International Airports

Sao Vicente
Boa Vista