Tourist Tax in Cape Verde


A Tourist Tax is payable by visitors to Cape Verde. The tax applies to all visitors staying in hotels, apartments, villas, and bed & breakfast establishments, etc. The tax is €2.50 (CVE 276) per person, per night for up to 10 nights to a maximum of €25 for each guest. Visitors under the age of 16 are exempt. This tax was increased to this current level in January 2023. The Government requires each accommodation establishment to collect this tax and it is usually collected on arrival. If you have booked a package holiday, check with the company as this tax may have been included with your booking.

The tourist tax was originally introduced in May 2013. It is used to help raise the standard of living for residents, promote and improve the quality of tourism in Cape Verde, through training, increased security and ecology etc. Tourism to this lovely country helps local people through spending in shops, bars and restaurants. The tax is an additional way to improve the economy in the country, which then benefits residents.