Cape Verde survival

Covid-19 is affecting the whole world, but some countries suffer more as a result of this pandemic. A country such as Cape Verde does not have the financial support in place to help people who have lost their income. Farming was once widespread in Cape Verde and they just about got by then. However, a series of draughts put an end to this on a number of the islands, especially Sal and Boa Vista in the east. These islands now rely almost 100% on tourism. Tourism is a major income source for the country generally. The lockdown has therefore had a drastic effect on the lives of very many Cape Verdeans. However, it is not only people that rely on tourism that suffer, because health care is not free and there is no support if you lose your job because you cannot work. There are not the benefits available that most countries in Europe have. Cape Verde survival is bound up with tourism.

We are hopeful that Cape Verde will be open again soon. Internal flights are starting at the end of June and it appears that international flights are starting in July. Whilst it might take some time for tourism to return to pre-pandemic levels, we hope that it will signal the start of a recovery for the people of this lovely country. If you are thinking about taking a holiday soon, please consider Cape Verde. You will have a great holiday in lovely weather and your visit will help the people and the economy.