For a small country, Cape Verde has had some ambitious ecological energy targets in recent years. We reported in October 2017 on these energy targets, with an update in March 2020. Now the government is looking at other other aspects of environmental issues. Being an island state, comprising 10 islands (9 inhabited), the sea is important. The protecting the seas and marine life is a specific concern to the Government of Cape Verde. Keeping plastic out of the sea is of vital importance.

In 2022, the intention is to pass a new law to reduce the importing of plastics. Alongside they will be encouraging more recycling. On some islands there is no recycling at present, so there is a lot more to be done. Caboplast, a Cape Verdean company, has been recycling it’s own waste. They are now starting to collect plastic from other companies and schools. They now have the capacity to handle up to 60 tonnes per month. Other equipment is being acquired to enable the recycling of all kinds of plastic.

The lack of recycling facilities throughout the island has been a concern to many for some time. Putting vast quantities of non-biodegradable rubbish into landfill or burning it is not an acceptable way to deal with the issue. However, for some years the shopping bags in Cape Verde have been biodegradable.

[02 Dec 2021]