Sal airport building

There are some changes coming in respect of air travel in Cape Verde. The Government has announced that the airport management is going to be undertaken by the Vinci Group in the future. This will include all seven of the Cape Verde airports. Vinci Airports SAS currently manages 53 airports in 12 countries. Those airports include London Gatwick and Lisbon. The twelve countries include the UK, Portugal, Brazil, USA, Sweden and France. In order for this to happen Vinci has to form a new company under Cape Verdean law. As a result of this arrangement Cape Verde will receive a total of €80million.

It is anticipated that this airport management change will attract low-cost airlines to Cape Verde. Reports suggest that the first low-cost airlines will start flying into Cape Verde next June. It is hoped that this will diversify and boost tourism.

All of this could bring about a significant change to air travel to Cape Verde. This will especially be the case if the low cost airlines take the bait and start to include Cape Verde in their schedules. International flights fly into the four larger airports on the islands of Boa Vista, Sal, Santiago and São Vicente.

[12 May 2022]