Caldera on Fogo island

The caldera (volcano crater) on the island of Fogo must be visited if you visit this interesting island. Contrary to what you would expect, people live in the crater and there are places to stay and to eat there too. Chã das Caldeiras is a community of approximately 700 people. The famous Chã wine is made from grapes grown in the crater. The volcano last erupted in 2014 and the lava flow blocked the road through the caldera. However, a track around it was soon created. Houses were buried, but thankfully nobody was killed.

Since that last eruption people have re-built and the grapes are growing again. Hiring a car and driving up to and through the caldera is a fascinating thing to do. At the north east side of the crater you find a complete contrast with the lava. Here there is the Natural Park, with trees and shrubs forming the slopes down towards Mosteiros. Fogo is an island of contrasts.