Bestfly domestic flights

For several weeks the TICV website has not been showing any internal flights after 16 May. It has now become clear that TICV/Binter is not currently operating the flights within Cape Verde.

Following this the cessation of the agreement with TICV, the Government of Cape Verde has entered into a six month contract with Angolan airline Bestfly. They will be operating flights between the islands of the archipelago. Whether this will become a permanent arrangement is not yet clear. There does not appear to be anyway to book Bestfly flights online. Their website mentions booking through agencies, but does make provision for submitting your email address. It is hoped that this will be rectified soon and that online schedules and booking facilities will be available. We will continue to find out more information and post again as soon as we can. We also update the travel information on our website weekly.

[20 May 2021]