Improvment works at Cape Verde airports

Airport improvement works in Cape Verde have been announced by Vinci Airports. These works will start this month and are likely to have some effect on the flight schedules. Vinci Airports now manages all the country’s airports. The plans are for the improvements of the following airports – Sal, Praia (Santiago), São Vicente and Maio. The works are to be phased and are intended to improve the services and to assist in developing new routes. It is currently unclear what these works actually involve.

This is understood that these airport improvement works are the start of a 40 year investment programme of modernisation and expansion of the four international airports (Sal, Praia, Boa Vista and São Vicente) and the three airfields (Maio, São Nicolau and Fogo). For the tourist market, Sal airport is the main one of the four international airports. Maio is the least busy and only accepts internal flights.

[03 April 2024]